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Few Reasons Why Pool Gas Heaters Are More Popular

In this short article, we shall highlight the reasons of using pool gas heaters instead of heat pumps.

  1. Start-up cost

The initial cost for any gas pool heater will be very low. It depends on the size of the pool. Any outdoor pool in Alaska will need more heating effort as compared to similar pools in Phoenix. A larger heater may heat the water faster but once the comfortable temperature is reached, it needs some effort to maintain its temperature. Also, the cost of any Phoenix gas pool heaters & system installation will be about $1,000 to $3,000 plus nearly $150 to $850 to install them. Apart from gas or electrical connection, you can install the rest, by either hiring any handyman or DIY way.

2. Running cost

If you have gas connection, then this natural gas is much cheaper option. If you prefer to use Propane then it can be expensive but can reduce it by about 80% by using pool cover, which also applies with any kind of heating system. The other running cost that you must consider is the maintenance cost. Heat exchangers are much better option, as the technology is improving but any out-of-balance pool may still cause damage. So, you may go for annual service contract and maintain a proper maintenance schedule, as per the user manual which is supplied with your heater.

3. Efficiency

Any gas pool heaters will run at 95% efficiency. Few years back, most of the gas pool heaters used to run at 50% efficiency and now there is considerable improvements in efficiency. This efficiency of any gas heaters can be lower compared to using heat pump by nearly 400% to 500%, however there are few other reasons of using gas heaters. As an example, heat pumps will stop working at around 45ᵒ F or below and also have much shorter lifespan. With technological advances in various heat exchangers used for gas heaters, resulted into high efficiency and also long lasting.

4. Simplicity

The best part of gas heater is because of their simplicity. You will not require any complicated electronics or any other wizardry things that is built into them. As there is very little chance of going anything wrong, it can run for much long periods without giving any problem as opposed to any heat pumps, which is more prone to different faults simply because of many different reasons. To put it in very basic terms, you will need a gas burner along with a heat exchanger and a temperature control for regulating the gas flow.

5. Speed

Any gas heater is considered to be most efficient when you are heating in a pool from low temperature. It makes them perfect for those who want to pool occasionally. As an example, you may raise temperature of any 30,000-gallon pool in the range of 20ᵒ F within the period of 24 hours, by using any gas pool heater having an output of nearly 400,000 BTU. Once you achieved the temperature then it requires much less output, in case you use any pool cover.

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