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5 Advantages of Hybrid Solar Inverters

The solar hybrid inverter is a device that has single-handedly revolutionized the way solar power is applied in a residential environment. With a solar hybrid inverter, those relying on solar power can achieve the best of solar, battery, and grid power. The inverter can effectively manage multiple power inputs at the same time.

That practical flexibility is what is needed in many households. It gives residential customers the ability to use multiple sources of power depending on the conditions that are prevalent at the time. If the sun is not shining, power can be drawn from the batteries. If the batteries become depleted, a hybrid inverter can shift to grid power. Read on to learn about a few of the advantages offered by hybrid solar inverters.

Saves You Money

Peak hour grid power can be expensive. That time frame usually corresponds to the time when the sun isn’t shining, thus forcing your family to depend on costly grid power. A hybrid solar converter can allow you to seamlessly shift from active solar power to battery power for use during peak times. That keeps you off the grid and saves you money on your electric bills.

Charge Your Battery Efficiently

A hybrid inverter acts as the nerve center of your residential solar power system. It can be used to shift your system from solar to battery power when the sun goes down, then recharge your battery when grid power shifts to off-peak rates overnight. That can help you efficiently manage all power usage while keeping costs at their absolute minimum.

Protects Against Power Outages

Not only are power outages inconvenient, but they can also affect the safety of your household and family. A hybrid inverter can make sure that the effects of power outages are minimal. If grid power goes down, the hybrid inverter can immediately shift your household system to solar or batter power, which will keep your lights on until the grid comes back up.

Easy Upgrades

By installing a hybrid solar inverter, you’re opening the door to greater versatility. Many homeowners start out with a basic solar photovoltaic system but upgrade to more efficient systems eventually. Installing a hybrid inverter from the start makes future upgrades to hybrid systems simple.

Complete Control

Many hybrid inverters can be connected wirelessly to your Wi-Fi or computer. That means that you can monitor and regulate power usage in your home even when you’re not there. Some models even feature internal artificial intelligence which can learn your patterns and adapt power shifting tendencies to accommodate your family’s unique peak times or the availability of sunlight in your location.

If you already have a photovoltaic power system in your home, consider adding hybrid solar inverters to your hardware. It can help you better manage your power usage, provide a wealth of data, and maintain seamless power regardless of the source.

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