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Learn About Various Types Of Aquarium Filters

People who own an aquarium must have heard about the two major types of filters such as canister filter and power filter. Both of these types of filters, efficiently filter tank water correctly. There are actually significant differences between the operation of both these filters, their advantages as well as disadvantages.

To find which one is the right filter for you requires learning about their pros and cons and understanding about your requirements. We are sharing some useful information about these filters that will help you figure out the ideal type of filter for your use.

The objective of a Tank Filter

With passing time, water contained in the filter becomes dirty. Fish and turtles inside the tank excrete waste. Also, toxins compounds and food products start to build up will prove to be dangerous to the entire aquarium community. To remove them from the water tank, it is important to install a strong fish tank filter.

Working of filters

Power filter

For mechanical based filtration, power filters make use of traditional foam or floss. Chemical filtration is performed through activated carbon. Biological filtration happens the earlier stages as the surface of the filter cartridge results in the growth of useful bacteria.

Most of the advanced filters have got an extra space that includes several types of resins for chemical filtration via alternate means. Incorporation of bio-wheels enables maximum surface area that is good for beneficial bacteria and results in more of biological filtration.

Canister Filters

Canister filters don’t have any of the problems with saltwater and planted aquariums. It can be easily used even in freshwater. A canister unit sits outside the tank with hoses that can easily be submerged inside the tank to easily remove impurities as well as filter water.

These filters offer remarkable levels of mechanical as well as chemical filters by which they force water through various stages.

Contrast canister filters

Canister filter takes more time to set up. These filters do not provide the same extent of biological filtration. They are not disastrous in any form. Also, they offer outstanding mechanical and chemical filtration. They are very much customizable.  If you prefer ease of maintenance over anything else, canister filters would be the best option available for you.


Besides the operation, price is again a valuable consideration when it comes to choosing an ideal filter. Your canister filter is the most expensive option of all the filters available on the market. You can get these filters within the range of $100 and $300. This is related to enhanced functionality, power and versatility that you obtain when you use a canister filter in place of a power filter.


Though canister filter requires a user to pay a little more money up front, it is a better choice for everyone. This filter provides you with a lot of benefits, power, and the ability to easily customize filter media, along with several more features that expand their filtration abilities.

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