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Turn Your Garage Floor Into a Showroom

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve finished off the walls in your garage and hung your tools long ago. Everything looks good except the concrete slab your car is sitting on. Maybe it’s got a few cracks in it. Maybe there are some grease stains. Or maybe it just looks old and tired. Fixing the floor is a job almost any homeowner can tackle over a weekend. It’s as easy as painting a wall. If you take a bit of time prepping the floor, you should end up with a spectacular finish. Here’s how to epoxy your garage floor: 

  • Step One–Prep. Remove everything from the floor and hose down the entire area. Look for areas where the water isn’t getting absorbed and degrease those areas as necessary. Test for moisture by taping down a few plastic squares for a 24 hour period. If you see moisture, you’ll need to put down a liquid vapor barrier. Repair all cracks with a crack filler and a putty knife. Rent a diamond grinder from a local hardware store to smooth the surface. Rinse the area off and tape the edges, as you would a wall. 
  • Step Two–Mix the epoxy. Make sure you’ve got your tools ready to go. You’ll need a paint brush to cut in the corners and edges, a roller for the remainder of the floor, a mixer on a drill to make certain the epoxy is mixed together properly, and a bucket to mix the epoxy in. You only have about thirty minutes before the epoxy begins to set up, so only mix as much as you can spread in that amount of time. 
  • Step Three–Spread the epoxy. Paint the edges first, then work in an area that’s about two feet by six feet. Pour a thin ribbon of epoxy on the floor and then roll it out. Work from the back of the garage forward. 
  • Step Four–Apply a second coat of epoxy after 24 hours, and spread color flakes while the floor is still wet for proper adhesion. Not only do the color flakes enhance the appearance of the floor, they make the floor less slippery. 

That’s it. All it takes is a bit of prep work and the proper tools and you can easily wow your neighbors with a showroom-looking garage floor. Then you can explain to them how to epoxy garage floor

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